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Thread: Urban/Suburban/Rural

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    Which do you prefer? why?
    Which do you currently live in? population #s?
    What type of area did you grow up in?
    Which would you hate to live in? why?

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    • Urban--No need to own a car, lots of cultural events, lots of museums, free/low cost public events and services, bike share, free buses, good food to choose from, lots of places to take classes/attend lectures, lots of casual contact with strangers, the general feeling of 'business' and 'energy' from the city.
    • Urban--600,000ish. I'd like to live somewhere larger ideally.
    • I grew up in the suburbs.
    • The suburbs. I can see why people like the country. I like nature and I get why the idea of having a lot of land and living in isolation is appealing. The suburbs offer none of that and also none of the advantages of the city, so ew. I also never feel 'bothered' by my neighbors so the idea of needing a lot of space from them seems odd to me.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    Suburban. I just wish there was better transportation. Or a smaller town/city.

    My town currently has about 9k people. Almost no public transportation of any kind and not much to do except drink.

    However I can walk pretty much anywhere depending on weather and I do NOT do large cities with tall buildings and people everywhere.

    If I could live 20 minutes outside a city that'd be cool. A nice house and a yard for dogs, but I could go to concerts or nice restaurants easily.
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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    Which do you prefer? why?
    I prefer urban with a lot of green spaces or natural trails. I like cities because a lot of cultural opportunities like museums and theaters. There also tends to be more unique dining options. I also like places that are walkable and near public transit.

    Which do you currently live in? population #s?
    I currently live in a small city that is a population of 41,000. Itís kind of a suburban city but we have decent public transportation locally and a burgeoning downtown. I personally live really close to downtown area (walking distance) and right off a beautiful pedestrian nature trail. The only downside is my commute to another city requires me commuting via heavily congested freeways. Luckily I primarily get to work from home.

    What type of area did you grow up in?
    I mostly lived in suburban neighborhoods of a large city (population 1 million). I mostly grew up in apartments in lower income neighborhoods with a lot of immigrants. We had some good street food vendors, but there wasnít much to do and transportation was so-so.

    Which would you hate to live in? why?
    Iím happy with my current city, but ideally I would love to live in a larger city like Chicago or Nashville.

    I think rural vs suburban really depends where it is. There are rural places I could be happy living but there are some places I would never want to live. Same with suburban towns, it really depends.

    I guess I would be more disinclined to choose rural over the fact that it might mean really poor internet and cellular connectivity. For vacations that alright with me, but for longer term living Iím not sure Iíd enjoy that aspect of rural living.
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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    i grew up in a 'burb of toronto (500,000 ppl ish). as soon as i had the means i moved to downtown toronto (3 million ppl). despite the stupid cost of living here or in any other large city in north america, i don't see myself ever moving to the suburbs or a rural area. i don't want to. maybe when i'm retired.

    why? i think they're boring. i love the fact i have 100 bars and restaurants and clothing shops within in a 20 minute walk from my house.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    I'm kind of in a weird place right now where I am going from living downtown in an (~1mil) urban centre to living with my parents in a borderline suburban/rural area near a ~200 thousand city. The city I'm targeting for jobs and really want to live in is ~400k. It's a bit small for my taste but I like the vibe and have good friends living there.

    I grew up in a suburban setting and really have no interest in living in the suburbs again. I like living downtown whenever I can swing it financially.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    Suburbs but I'm really picky. I don't like neighborhoods where all of the houses look the same, that's super boring. Right now we live in a suburb with ~50,000 people. We're right across the street from a beach and there's a big state park a 5 min walk up the street. We love it. In the summer there's always lots of people around walking and biking, but it's not nearly as crowded as the city. We also have tons of wildlife because of the park and we love the deer. The city is a 15 min drive and we go there all the time for dinner/events, plus I work right in the center of downtown so I spend a lot of time there. It's a nice city but I wouldn't want to live there. I need much more space and less crowds.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    I grew up in the suburbs. Now I live downtown, about a mile from the center of the city. I live in the city closest to the same suburbs I grew up in. It would take me about 25 minutes to drive to my childhood home. This is a relatively small city but it is the capital city of my state. It was once the capital of the confederacy lol. About a quarter million people live in the city.

    We are looking to move to a more rural area in the next year. 30 miles to the west of us. We want 10 acres or more of land. I'm excited about moving. I'm tired of people being in my way all the time. I'm really looking forward to having my own outdoor oasis.

    I think I could deal with any of those three - rural, suburban, city. They all have their ups and downs. Ive never lived in a rural area so we will see but I think that will become my favorite.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    Grew up in a city of 150k people, then moved to a town with 20k people... then went to college in a city of 150k people.... then moved to a city with a population of 8.5 million. Now I am in a city of 100k people and will soon be moving to a city with 400k people.

    I feel like Goldilocks sometimes. 20k was too small for me, but 8.5 was too much for me. I've always felt most content in the cities of 100-150k.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    Grew up suburban (50k people + a college that brings another 40k non -residents) but less than an hour drive to two large cities nearly 1 million population (which is nice cause if I need something, it’s never too far away)
    I’d prefer to live 30 minutes into a more rural area.
    I still live where I grew up.

    I’m torn- Idk if city living or middle of no where is worse

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    I grew up in the middle of a big city, currently live in a slightly smaller one. The neighborhood I grew up in was really dense and diverse and exciting and I think it spoiled me for life, I can't imagine ever wanting to live in the suburbs. I hate driving lol. Living out in the country with lots of space when I'm old sounds nice sometimes, but it also seems pretty isolated.
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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    I feel like Michigan is really weird, because even our urban areas aren't really comparable to major cities. Detroit has VERY limited public transportation, and most of the city is still desolate. There's a lot of pockets in Detroit that are up and coming, but it really doesn't have a very true urban feel. I live in what is technically a suburb of Detroit, but it's urban by Michigan standards. I grew up in an actual suburb, which was really nice as a kid. It was more leaning towards rural when I was a kid, but it became a really popular place to live as I was growing up, so now it's much more suburban. The suburbs are pretty pretentious and have a lot of money, so I'm pretty averse to that. My husband grew up in a farming community so he's from a VERY rural upbringing. I don't think we'll every be suburbanites. We'll probably either live urban or go for rural so we have more land. For now we like the more urban scene, there's lots to do and we live in a safe area which is nice. Might change when we have kids down the line, but I actually wouldn't mind raising kids here.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    Right now I live in a suburb about 20 mins from the city centre. About 70,000 people live in this suburb and the city overall has 1.5 million people. I like it, because it’s close to everything— I love walking my dog in the bush and at the beach but I also like going out to eat and the mall, so it’s great that nowhere I want to go is more than a 40 min drive.

    The inner city here is pretty grim— lots of drunk people, homeless people, noisy construction, terrible parking and crowds. I go there to eat and for shows and stuff but would never want to live there.

    My ideal is a suburb fairly close to the city centre, then next would be rural (but not too rural— no more than 40 mins to civilisation) and then urban.

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    Re: Urban/Suburban/Rural

    I just moved to the suburbs (my suburb has about 12k people) part of a city of 250k. Just moved here from living downtown Toronto, around 3 million people. I'm liking the suburb life now although I do miss the restaurants and energy of living downtown, but now I have no neighbours behind me, just field as far as the eye can see, and I own a house vs living in a condo. I grew up in a suburb of a city of about 200k people so I'm used to the suburb life, but spent the past 10 years in Toronto/GTA.

    I would really love to live rural - have an acreage, etc. Right now we didn't think it was the best decision though, so the compromise was the house with the view of the prairies.

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