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Thread: Solo vacations

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    Re: Solo vacations

    I booked my trip to Costa Rica last week, so I'll be solo traveling there in October :-)

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    Re: Solo vacations

    I'll be catching a flight back home later tonight. Traveling by myself has been an interesting experience. As someone who has only every traveled with my ex, I can't say I enjoyed it more than traveling cwith a partner.

    There were so many times on my trip I just wanted to have someone to make a memory wirh, to sit there and enjoy the views with a coffee or something. Or someone to offer to carry my stuff up stairs, or miss my things while I go to the bathroom. Or give me a kiss and cuddle when I'm feeling exhausted.. And I think I did less stuff on my own than I would have traveling with someone else.

    But. It also got me ot if my comfort zone A LOT. I learned i am actually not as bad as i thought at navigating. I learned i am actually fine eith eating at a restaurant by myself, ooked spending the day out alone. That I have all the resources I need to br completely independent. I feel a lot more independent after this trip as I feel I have really shown that I don't need anyone else to look after me and i am a very sensible mature person. In also glad I went as I would never have found anyone to go with me as it was too expensive. I'm glad I did it, but I wouldn't go alone again unless I had to. I would order to bring someone else if I could

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    Re: Solo vacations

    I may be traveling solo next month. A friend invited me to her baby shower and I still have a flight credit that I need to use before May.

    In researching flights I found flying into Detroit is affordable, but for some reason all the return flights were way marked up. Out of curiosity I looked at flight prices out of Chicago. I discovered it would be cheaper for me to fly to Detroit then take a train to Chicago and fly out via Chicago.

    I figured maybe I could spend 1-3 days exploring Chicago by myself. Iíve been to Chicago a few times but always with friends. Any ideas on what to explore on my own? Or any advice what to look out for as solo traveler?

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