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Thread: Where to eat in Paris?

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    Where to eat in Paris?

    We’re overwhelmed help. Any non touristy recs for places? Mostly dinner but also pastries lol.

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    Re: Where to eat in Paris?

    Le Refuge des Fondus - It's so tasty but also a quirky restaurant with some fun surprises. Try not to look up pictures or reviews before hand.

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    Re: Where to eat in Paris?

    I know it's a chain of some sort, but Eric Kyser (sp?) was my husbands favorite place to go in the morning. We'd get a baguette or two and then some pastries for breakfast.

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    Re: Where to eat in Paris?

    I can't think of any of the places we ate other than Le Grand Colbert because my mom somehow scored us a table there. There is a nice bar called The Brooklyn or The BRKLYN maybe. Not too far from the Pompidou, walking distance. It's owned by an American and they played 90s music the whole night.

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