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    My boyfriend and I are visiting Toronto over Labor Day weekend! We bought plane tickets and an Airbnb on a whim. I know multiple JBers have visited/lived in Toronto so do you have any suggestions for activities for us? We like to drink (especially at breweries) and are into the nightlife scene. We’ll probably do some touristy stuff but I can Google that. We really don’t know anything in or about the city.

    Also, should we rent a car? Our Airbnb is about 25 minutes from the city (looking at Google Maps it appears close to the university of Toronto?) but I was thinking we could just uber into the city and walk/subway around it from there.

    All hail the king.

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    Re: Toronto

    I'm not into night life and I don't drink often so I can't give suggestions on those things, but I really liked the aquarium! Also just general walking around downtown is fun. Nathan Phillips Square has the big Toronto sign, old City Hall is a really pretty building on the outside, Eaton Centre is the place to go if you like big packed malls, Dundas Square & I'd probably look into spending a day/half a day on the Toronto Islands. I think they're super pretty/nice to see.

    Is your AirBnb in Missisauga or Scarborough? The main UofT campus is right downtown. I would probably avoid renting a car and use uber, lyft or public transit because finding parking downtown is annoying and expensive (to me) and traffic (depending on where you're going) can be really annoying. Also, lyft is newer to the city so it may be a little cheaper, so definitely check both uber and lyft. If you're going to be using the subway/public transit a lot you can buy a day pass for $12.50 that will get you unlimited usage for the day (good for two people on weekends/holidays). You also might be able to use the GO train to get into the city depending on where you're at (and I've never used it so I'm not sure on prices).

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    Re: Toronto

    just saw your PM, i'll just respond here. what kind of music do you like? that'll influence my nightlife recommendations. personally i avoid dundas square and the eatons center like the plague.

    -steam whistle brewery has daily tours and tastings, it's pretty neat
    -toronto island is fun and you get a great view of the sky line on the way there on the ferry. hanlans point is the best beach imo but its also a nude beach.
    -electric island is a huge day rave that happens on the weekends on toronto island in the summer, theres one on sept 2 and sept 3:
    -alternatively, there are tons of party boat cruises with live DJs that will sail around the harbour for 3-4 hours, those are a lot of fun and you get to see amazing views of the sky line. they also do more laid back brunch/beer/wine tasting ones.
    -every sunday in the summer theres a free dance party on cherry beach, those are a good time if you like techno/house music:
    -buskerfest is that weekend:
    -bellwoods brewery (good IPAs and interesting appetizer menu) and trinity bellwoods park (this park basically turns into an adhoc party every saturday/sunday in the summer with thousands of people openly drinking, playing music, frisbee, park games etc)

    i'll update if i think of anything else

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    Re: Toronto

    kay i thought of more stuff:

    -go to distillery district, its a cobble stone pedestrian neighbourhood with a lot of breweries and good restaurants
    -walking along harbour front is nice, lots of restaurants and patios and theres usually always some event going on
    -walk around kensington market. it has a cool eclectic hippie vibe with lots of small independent shops and bars with great patios. good for thrift/vintage shopping too. ottos berlin doner is one of my favourite restaurants. 7 lives is famous for their tacos
    -dundas west between bathurst and dufferin has a lot of good bar hopping. tilt, get well, bambi's, dundas video, studio bar come to mind
    -church & wellesley (my neighbourhood!) for lively gay bars and seriously impressive drag performances (crews and tangos)
    -late night raving (techno/house/disco) at coda, one loft, nest, fly 2.0
    -for alt rock type stuff: dance cave, the horse shoe tavern, velvet underground, lee's palace, sneaky dee's

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    Re: Toronto

    Awesome thanks you both!!
    All hail the king.

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    Re: Toronto

    For sure don’t rent a car! Driving in Toronto sucks and finding parking can be stressful.

    Lolz gave you some great suggestions. I used to live in the village and would 10000% recommend crews and tangos. Guaranteed good time, every time. My recent favourite party spot is called Odd Thomas. It’s a club with a bar vibe, very chill, good music.

    Harbourfront/lakeshore might be worth a walk. I love it down there. The beaches and Scarborough bluffs are also a nice walk/hike and you can get some cool pictures.

    Idk if you like to shop, but if you do check out queen west. A lot of boutiques, although some are a little overpriced. The eaton centre is a nightmare (always crazy crazy crowded), I do not recommend it.

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    Re: Toronto

    Oh, also— Yorkville is overrated but it’s still fun to walk around there. There are some restaurants in there that aren’t insanely overpriced and in general it has a nice vibe.

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