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Thread: Coffee drinkers

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    Coffee drinkers

    What’s your coffee setup at home? What kind of machine do you have and what coffee do you use?
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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    I would love to get ultra fancy with it, but that's not gonna happen. I jsut have a little espresso maker like this.

    I buy whatever coffee beans from the grocery store in the "grind it yourself" coffee containers.

    I wish I could make ultra fancy coffee house style coffee at home. What a dream.

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    i have a 6 cup drip coffee maker and a grinder. but 90% i'm too lazy and just drink nescafe lol

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    We have a Keurig since we’re both 1-maaaybe 2 cup a day drinkers. My husband uses KCups because he’s a princess and has to have this particular kind (Cinnabon). I use reusable kcups and put coffee grounds in them.

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    I have a chemex and I love it! We got a coffee grinder and I looove having fresh ground coffee every morning.

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    I have a Keurig. I buy the Columbian cups from Sam's. It isn't like me to create waste or pay 30 cents per cup, but it reduces arguments of who has to make the coffee.

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    I have an aeropress, it’s cheap and works well if you only need to make coffee for yourself. It’s like a reverse French press, instead of pressing the coffee through the water you put it on top of your mug and press the water through the coffee. I only make coffee at home on weekends and sometimes when I work from home though, otherwise I just drink the free stuff at work.
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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    We have a cheapo old fashioned coffee maker (but it has a timer) usually husband makes it the night before on weekdays with the timer and then I usually do it the morning of on weekends.

    He brings me coffee on week day mornings, and I bring it to him on weekends(aka: get the fuck up we have stuff to do!)

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    I grind whole beans and make cold brew, so it takes 24 hours to brew 48 oz. I make it 3 days a week to last the whole week. I bought a frother recently and make cold foam to top the cold brew which has been great.

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    Re: Coffee drinkers

    We have a coffee grinder & chemex, and I also use a Toddy Cold Brew system

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