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    I'm going to the finger lakes next month for a few days. I rarely ever vacation or travel so I'm pretty excited but I have no clue how to plan things to do. Any recommendations for things to do there? Or just good resources to find things to do? I don't trust sites like Yelp cause I always assume businesses buy good reviews lol

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    Ithaca is a cute little town on Cayuga Lake. You can hike the gorges. Robert H. Tremen State Park is a good place to hike. Also the Cascadilla Gorge Trail.

    The town of Skaneateles at the North end of Skaneateles Lake is also one of my favorites. Lots of shops/restaurants.

    Canandaigua Lake has a really good Mexican restaurant - Rio Tamatlan. And then go to the town of Naples on the south end and get a grape pie. They have a big grape festival every year but it's not until September.

    Obviously do a wine tour. I like Fox Run Winery on Seneca Lake. Also Glenora Wine Cellars. Watkins Glen on Seneca is another good hiking area. Check Groupon, you can usually find deals for wine tastings.

    Do you know which lake you're staying on? When are you going? There's often wine related festivals/events over the summer.
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    Re: Fingerlakes

    So many great ideas, thanks! We are staying in Ithaca, July 7-10 I think

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    Oh good, I was going to suggest that Ithaca would be a good base. I would do a day of hiking/nature stuff around Ithaca and then spend the rest of the time checking out the little towns and wineries. Here are guides to the wine trails: You can buy "passports" that get you free tastings at wineries along the trail. The info is all there.

    I would totally meet up for some wine tasting if you weren't going on work days!

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    Oh and go to Seneca Falls at the north end of Seneca Lake, for the Women's Rights National Historic Park! It's great. The Elizabeth Cady Stanton house is there too and is now a museum.

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    Oh I def want to go to the women's rights museum! The first Airbnb we were going to rent was right near it, but we waited to long and lost it so I was bummed about that.

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