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Thread: How much supervision did you have growing up?

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    How much supervision did you have growing up?

    I see a lot of arguments that revolve around the idea that the reason millennials suck is because they never spent time dicking around unsupervised like previous generations. Stupid argument, but it got me thinking—how supervised were you growing up? Did you parents plan your activities or was it basically ´do whatever you want.´ How supervised do you think kids should be?

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    I think I might have made this thread before lol, so apologies if this sounds familiar I am on my phone and too lazy to backtrack.

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    When I got home, both of my parents were at work. My dad got home maybe an hour or so after I got home. In high school I was a homebody so my parents never really questioned when I left with my friends. We were all goody two shoes.

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    I was a latchkey kid with zero supervision. Daycare aged out at 11. So by 10 I was walking to and from school and staying home alone during the summer. My dad worked nights until around then, my mother had a one hour commute. I barely saw either of them most my childhood.

    When I got older and could feed myself, I was pretty much out running around or home alone 80% of the time.

    They didn't teach me much. My mother allowed me to do community theater every year, but I was responsible for getting up and walking there and back. That was my only real scheduled thing.
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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    We went to a babysitter until I was 12 and my brother was 13, then we stayed home alone together. We walked from the bus stop to the house after school from 7-9th grades (about half a mile) . Then in high school, we walked home because it was only a mile away, and my dad dropped us off on his way to work in the mornings. My mom only worked three days a week and she got off work at 4:30, so really during the school year we were only alone for an hour-ish.

    As far as during evenings and non-school days, we ran around the neighborhood all day, even as little kids. There were a brood of us within a 5-7 year age range that rode bikes together, played basketball, hide-and-seek, watched movies or played video games at each other’s houses, etc. I honestly don’t remember checking in with my parents ever unless I went inside to get something to drink or use the bathroom. Lol. They never thought twice about it! We knew we weren’t allowed to cross the major streets on either side of the neighborhood, but we were allowed to go anywhere else in between all of that. My parents allowed me to be involved in whatever I wanted. I never did sports (that was my brother), but I did theatre and thespians in high school and was part of a community service group. I feel like they gave enough overhead without being too intense.

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    It was a mix. At one point I had a best friend live one block away from me in each direction, so we would go from one house to the other and we had to tell our parents where we were going but were free to do whatever.

    One time one of them and I decided we were going to walk to the pet store and buy one of the cats and train it to live at both of our houses, that was pretty unsupervised.

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    I think a medium amount? After ~5th or 6th grade when I was allowed to go places by myself I think I had a lot more freedom than a lot of kids because my friends and I could walk/bike/metro/bus around the city ourselves, we didn’t need an adult to give us rides or pick us up places even though we were too young to drive.

    When I was younger than that I never felt helicopter parented probably because I have two younger sisters, so it was like having built in playmates all the time and we spent a lot of time doing freeform creative stuff like drawing or crafts or building legos. On the other hand if we wanted to go to the park or anywhere that wasn’t our block/back yard we always had to have an adult since we had busy city streets to cross, so I never had that suburban-running around the neighborhood playing type experience.

    As far as planned activities my mom wanted us to play an instrument and try a sport, and she worked at an arts workshop so if there was some performing/visual art we were interested in we could take a class after school. I did chorus (piano was a failure lol) and took photography class but the rest of my time after school was pretty unscheduled as far as I can remember.
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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    We were alone after school/summers from the time my sister was 11 and I was 8. I used to roam pretty far too. My parents were still struggling financially at that time so they worked a lot. I didn't do any activities as a kid because money. I read, watched tv and wandered around outside

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    We were wandering the neighborhood alone starting in elementary school. My best friend lived nearby and we'd just roam between the park, the convenient store, the movie rental store, other kids houses. We were just supposed to stay in the neighborhood and not leave with anyone without asking.

    My parents have a cottage in a little vacation-y town where my dad's family is from and we spend a lot of time there in the summer. It was a free for all when we were kids, we just wandered everywhere all day and night long. My parents would be down the street hanging out with family until late at night, they had no idea where we were.

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    I grew up in the middle of nowhere and while my mom was super over the top controlling in many ways she was real lax about us wondering aimlessly around the neighborhood as long as we stuck together or took a friend. It would have been different I think had we lived somewhere more populated. Spent a lot of time riding bikes off of ‘jumps’ that were literally just a few two-by-fours propped up on a tall stack of bricks and sword fighting with sticks in the woods.

    One summer we built a giant fort by sharpening branches, hammering them down into the ground with bricks, and then lashing other branches to them horizontally. We filled in the gaps by weaving in smaller branches, then leaves, then caked the whole thing over with mud. It was great. We dug a ‘lake’ out next to it, lined it with a tarp, and would spend ages filling it so we could sit in like...3 inches of water.

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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    Far too much. My mother was always at work so she wasn't there as such, but we had household help and my grandma that supervised for her and reported everything back to her. So it almost felt like surveillance. My mom was also very controlling, and I had very little agency in anything.
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    Re: How much supervision did you have growing up?

    i was a pretty free range kid. my parents weren't strict. i remember running around the neighbourhood with a band of kids when i was around 8-10. i also walked to/from school alone around that age. i was allowed to take the bus to the mall or movies with a friend when i was ~11/12

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