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Thread: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

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    Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    Does anyone have a problem with making food that only you (or maybe a friend or two) will end up eating, since there's the potential for a lot of waste? Or do you find the batches of food go a long way for you?

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    Re: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    When I first moved out I did. I don’t despise left over though, so it was lunch and dinner for the next few days.

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    Re: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    Yeah I will basically eat the same meal every day for a week. Kinda sucks but also makes it easier

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    Re: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    Yes. What has worked for me is buying lots of snacks (fruits likes grapes, berries, vegetables like carrots and dip, crackers, cheeses, sliced meats) and putting together essentially a charcuterie board for dinner. Sometimes I make one cooked thing per week and supplement
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    Re: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    Some things you can make a big batch of and freeze in individual portions. I'm big on freezing leftovers.

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    Re: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    i use a meal delivery service that sends me 3 recipes a week, 2 meals per recipe. if my bf doesnt eat his half i just take it for lunch the next day.

    before using this (or on days i've used it all up) i make a big batch (like 4 servings) of something at once and i just eat it all week. stir fry is great for that. or a bunch of chicken and roasted veggies.

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    Re: Difficulty with recipes for single ppl

    Yes 100%. I halve things pretty frequently if I’m making a recipe that says “serves 4-6”, since I know I hate to eat the same thing 3+ times in a row and will most likely buy takeout instead of eating it for the 4th time.

    I also highly recommend making smaller more frequent trips to the grocery store rather than fewer big ones if you can, at least for me I think I waste food less and I can buy smaller portions of stuff i.e. buying a single bell pepper instead of the 3 pack or whatever.

    Also also I have a tiny blender and a little rice cooker that are nice for making cooking for one sized portions which now that I type it out sounds kinda sad but oh well lol
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