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Thread: Adhesive bras

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    Adhesive bras

    Has anyone used them/have any specific brand recommendations? I'm in a wedding this weekend and can't wear a bra with the bridesmaid dress. Normally I would just go braless but I'm currently breastfeeding and have unruly boobs so I need something more. My other thought is to experiment with pasties and fashion tape. But I'm going to need to pump at some point during the reception so that sounds like a pain to have to take off/redo.

    This is pain my ass pls help.

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    Re: Adhesive bras

    I might just go braless fuck it. I haven’t had much luck with those adhesive things they get all bunchy and provide no support

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    Re: Adhesive bras

    Not a bra, but I used these the last time I was in a similar situation and they worked well. They restick super easily so I don’t imagine having to take them off to pump would be a problem. You rinse them under a tap and then let them air dry and they are good as new to stick back on.

    FWIW, I am a 30C and bought them to cover my nipples, not for any support.

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    Re: Adhesive bras

    All the adhesive bras I’ve tried to use suck, and the silicone pasties made it look like I had giant smooth nipples. The best ones I’ve found are the flower shaped pasties that are almost a band aid type material and just cover your nipples. No support but it’s not like adhesive bras give you much support anyway
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    Re: Adhesive bras

    I've tried those band aid material ones and I do like those a lot, I was just thinking that silicone ones would be easier since I'll have to take them off and put them back on. I actually have a pack of ones like popcicle posted that I never used, I'll think I'll wear them to work tomorrow and test them out. The dress does have cups with a bit of padding so I don't think they would show through at all.

    The dress is kind of low cut and I'm worried that my boobs are going to get huge before I get a chance to pump and it's going to become inappropriate. So I was hoping to find something to help control them. But it sounds like pasties are probably best, at least they'll prevent a nip slip.

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    Re: Adhesive bras

    ^^if you’re concerned about the dress slipping you could also do some double sided tape/fashion tape along the top of the boob part so you don’t flash people
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    Re: Adhesive bras

    I love breast petals! I used the a few years ago, and just used them this past weekend actually. Super comfortable and they are thick/good material. The ones I bought from Target came with 3 sets in a pack, so that might work for needing to pump - you could just put a new pair on.

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