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    Self Care

    A friend and I were talking and she said that she cooks and goes to the gym for self care. I always looked at yoga for self care for myself. When I started thinking, is working out really self care or is it regular maintenance for the body and health? What about cooking? I said no because we will die without food vs making it me time. She said she sees it as self care because cooking is something she enjoys.

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    Re: Self Care

    Exercise and cooking is self care, because it involves taking the time for yourself to do something solely to make yourself feel better. Thatís all self care is, no need to overthink it.

    I do cook, and bake, for self care. I love trying new recipes, new ingredients, and techniques. Itís great to focus on creating something that will be delicious at the end of it. Plus, food is a literal life source, so itís actually the most basic forms of self care.

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    Re: Self Care

    I feel like it counts

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    Re: Self Care

    i think they both definitely count. when my mental health gets bad i stop eating all together, so eating/cooking nutritious meals is very much a part of self care for me

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