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    Grove Collaborative

    Does anyone use this service/company?

    At some point in the past few months I got really anal about using natural cleaning products. I'm obsessed with the Mrs. Meyers line and use their laundry detergent, dryer sheets, room spray, hand soap, and surface cleaner. I also really like the Method daily shower cleaner. I'm trying to use my toilet cleaner and shower cleaner, but once those are gone I think I'm going to switch over to something less chemically. Anyway, so I've heard of Grove but I finally checked it out today. It's all natural, eco-friendly, etc. products that you purchase online and can set up customizable subscriptions. The products are cheaper than in store, and they gave me a bunch of free shit and free shipping, so I just bought some stuff from them. I will say that they automatically scheduled some subscriptions for me, but I was able to go in and remove them all. If I do like it I might set up subscriptions on certain things. I'm kind of geeked though lol is this what being an adult is like

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    Re: Grove Collaborative

    I feel like shipping a ton of stuff all around the world that people used to just buy at the same store they bought everything else at isn’t very eco friendly? The other day I realized I had a big pile of boxes to take to the recycling and starting thinking about my subscriptions and all the shipping lol.

    As far as natural cleaners tho, white vinegar and water is one of the most versatile things I swear. If I ever have Tupperware that’s smelly from holding something garlicky or really spicy I leave it in a bowl with white vinegar and warm water overnight and the next day it’s back to normal, same with smelly plastic water bottles. Also we get ants on our patio and spraying vinegar and water around the perimeter of it works pretty well as an ant barrier if we do it regularly, they hate the smell I guess.
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    Re: Grove Collaborative

    I would never do a subscription, but I do like the Method products. The pink grapefruit all purpose cleaner is my favorite go to cleaning products because you can use it on counters, wood, glass, bathroom, etc. I use the shower cleaner and itís one of the few things that helps to get the built up stuff off my glass shower doors.

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    Re: Grove Collaborative

    I've thought about trying it. I'm just not sure it would work for me. I use a lot of homemade things, well vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and then the icky stuff I buy is because I need something that works. Like laundry and dishwasher detergent.

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