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    How do you make sure you're getting enough of the vitamins/nutrients that are typically found in meat? I'm thinking Bs in particular, because from what I understand the body does not make this naturally and we typically get it from meat products.

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    Re: Vegetarians/vegans

    When I was vegan I took B12. I’m vegetarian now and only take calcium, but I would do that even if I ate meat. If you’re just vegetarian and eat a fairly healthy diet (lots of veggies, not all processed foods as well as some eggs and dairy), you’ll get all your vitamins/nutrients easily.

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    Re: Vegetarians/vegans

    I take a multi that is geared towards vegans and includes b12. I don't track anything, I just listen to my body. Only deficiency I've ever been known to have was iron and that was not due to being vegan lol

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    Re: Vegetarians/vegans

    Thanks guys! I didn't realize that there is B12 in dairy and eggs too, so that helps. At this point I'm flexitarian, so I think the small amount of meat I do eat is enough to sustain my levels anyway. I'm eating less and less meat though, and want to make sure I'm taking care of myself

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    Re: Vegetarians/vegans

    vegan here, i supplement a few things. the b12 found in animal products is also supplemented to the animals, so you dont need to eat the animal products as its just recycled nutrients at that source. i supplement calcium as well and i'm just mindful of iron during my period. i take a b complex too.

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    Re: Vegetarians/vegans

    I am not strictly vegetarian but don’t eat much meat, and I take B12 supplements (also because they help me not get canker sores.) A pharmacist told me B12 is better absorbed sublingually rather than in your stomach, so I take the sublingual kind rather than pills.
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    Re: Vegetarians/vegans

    I have never taken any multivitamins to compensate for being a vegetarian and have never been found to be deficient in anything.

    I remember my mom asking my pediatrician if I should when I was young and they said it was a non issue.

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