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    Board Games

    What are a few of your favorites? I love hosting game nights, but the game are all starting to get boring.

    Catch Phrase
    Exploding Kittens
    5 Second Rule
    Spot It

    Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity
    Trivial Pursuit

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    Re: Board Games

    Cranium? I haven’t played it in like 20 years.


    I love board games but never have anyone to play with

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    Re: Board Games

    I have several dozen board games lol

    Good party games are Avalon, One Night Werewolf, Decrypto, Cockroach Poker

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    Re: Board Games

    I like Monikers, but I looked up Guesstures and it might be too similar? Kind of Charades-ish, where there are several rounds. First one, you can use any words; second, you can only use one word; and third round is just charades. The words are also more irreverent than what you might find in a mainstream game.

    Also love Sleuth, a logic/deduction game!

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    Re: Board Games

    Quote Originally Posted by caiomn View Post
    I have several dozen board games lol

    Good party games are Avalon, One Night Werewolf, Decrypto, Cockroach Poker
    I love one night warewolf.

    if you like word games:

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    Re: Board Games

    I love love scategories!

    Some of my other favorites are Clue, Cranium, Hoopla, Bananagrams, Scene It, Mill Bourne, Bang! The Wild West, Monopoly Deal (card game) and Simonís Cat card game.

    I recently played Settlers of Catan at a friendís board game night and it was pretty fun.

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    Re: Board Games

    I have about 150 board games in my collection... and I haven't even bought any for 2 years now. We have a problem.

    My favourite of all time are probably Coup and Castles of Mad King Ludwig and I had an awesome time playing Pandemic Legacy. Right now I'm playing Kingdom Death Monster with some friends, this game plays out over many, many visits and is so awesome, however as I'm 38 weeks pregnant, we'll probably be playing less when baby arrives.

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    Re: Board Games

    Made-up word story Scrabble, where you can play made-up words but you have to provide a convincing definition of the word and then use it in an ongoing storyline. Sadly the friends I used to play this with now have a billion kids and I've found most people don't have the ability to make up words

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    Re: Board Games

    Exploding Kittens is fun.

    Have you played Labyrith? It's a game all ages can enjoy doesn't take more than a minute or 2 to understand the rules. I usually suggest it when people ask what new game they should buy

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    Re: Board Games

    I really love Scattergories and Monopoly. Clue will always be my favorite board game. I liked the games Donít Go to Jail, Life, Risk, Yatzee, Scrabble, and Trivial Pursuit growing up. We played board games a TON when I was younger.

    I have Sorry, Trouble, Chutes & Ladders, Candyland, Dog Pile, Checkers, Operation, and Jenga in my office at work that I play with patients.

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